Sunday, August 28, 2016

Amibroker AFL For Volatility Trading Strategy

Amibroker AFL for Volatility Trading Strategy. This amibroker afl takes into account the close price of previous day, Fibonacci ratios and average of the previous ten day highs and previous ten day lows for plotting the Buy Sell trigger levels and the Target levels for the price. As the price  moves as per the average true range so this amibroker afl for volatility trading strategy generates quite good signals.

The trader can tweak their methods with the help of this amibroker afl as price targets are calculated mechanically and therefore can be helpful to make a decision regarding placing the orders.

amibroker afl for volatility trading strategy
Amibroker afl for Volatility Trading Strategy

Download Amibroker AFL for Volatility Trading Strategy

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Previous 20 Days Highest High & Lowest Low Amibroker AFL

Amibroker AFL for Previous "n" days highest high and lowest low. We can also call it as Amibroker AFL for Previous 'n' bars highest high and lowest low. The image shown below is of previous 20 bars highest high
and 20 bars lowest low values. You can change the number of days as per your requirement through the parameters window. Usually traders use the highest high and lowest low values to trade the breakouts or breakdowns.These highest high & lowest low values are also often referenced for spotting trade reversals.

previous n days highest high and lowest low
Previous n Days Highest High and Lowest Low

Download Amibroker AFL For Previous N Days Highest High And Lowest Low
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